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Welcome to oconus: the contractor's life -- a podcast devoted to the contracting men and women who have and or still are working and serving oconus(Outside the Continental United States).

There are a lot of myths, legends, lore, mystery, self aggrandizement (think, and there I was...), mis-representations, and outright lies in and around this industry -- especially as it applies to oconus/overseas work. We hope to, at least to some extent, attenuate that.

While the focus is on the PSC (Private Security Contractor), private security comprises only approximately ten (10) percent of the over-all contracting pool around the globe. So, it seems only fitting that we would include as many of those who did not perform security as and when we can. After all, it takes a team.

Not every guest of this podcast is a veteran of a uniformed armed service. Many to most are. We all have the rights, liberties, and freedoms in America that we have because someone was willing to stand up and fight for, defend, and protect those rights, liberties, and freedoms.

The preceeding said, we genuinely and sincerely appreciate your patronage. While the guests make the show, without you, the listener, the show is meaningless.

So, thanks for stopping by. And, always remember, folks, it takes a team. The grass is not always greener on the other side. Be careful what you wish for -- you might just get it. Stay humble, stay safe, and keep others safe, by staying frosty. Until next time, keep it real.

serva fidem indomitus!

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